Friday, March 5, 2010

Starting to take time for myself.

In the last 2 months or so I have finally been able to sit down at night and work on crafts. No pages, just ART. I recently joined the yahoo group
ART Haven Creations Friendships I have always admired the vintage, nostalgic and just artsy look. The ladies in the group are just so warm and welcoming. I use to swap a lot and that really use to get me in the mood to scrapbook. So I joined in some of their swaps. Though I am not use to sending different swaps to different places because they do 1 for 1 swaps, I really have enjoyed it. Here are some of the swaps I created for the group swaps.

This was a card swap that you had to use purple, gold and green colors. Mardi Gras Colors!!! This card reminded me of my good friend Kristine!!

This swap was for a destination tag. I have no clue why I picked Paris or London but I thought it turned out okay. I love the color combination.

Now I must be out of my mind for taking on this swap, but it sounded fun. This is a altered compact. I purchased the compact at the 100 Yen shop. The neat thing about this make up compact is that it was a refillable compact to where the metal powder container popped right out. NO MESS. This actually was very fun to make.

These are swaps for March using wallpaper that a group member sent out to members of the group. There are so many gorgeous pattens in the stack she sent me. I like the way this one came out.

A few ATC's I decided to create and just play around with. Nothing fancy. Took out the Alcohol Inks and used some wallpaper.

Last I made some altered notebooks. My old notebooks were just about filled up. So I decided to make one for just passwords and one for swaps.
Now I think I am going to start back up on some more scrapbook pages.

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