Monday, March 9, 2009

Taking on a challenge.

So I decided to take on a challenge with Gina K at StampTV . I normally don't do these types of challenges with online sites and such, but this one was something I always wanted to learn. I purchased my prismacolor pencils about 2 years ago and really knew how to use them with my odorless mineral spirits. I did not know that you needed to have a good quality smooth cardstock. What a difference it does make. The last time I used my pencils I did not use smooth quality cardstock and notice that my paper would tear and ball up. Needless to say my cards were not the best, but thought it was because I did not know how to use my pencils. Now I have some top quality smooth cardstock, thanks to a dear friend at TheMonkeyHut. I have watched the video tutorial at StampTV and ready to create. I am defiantly intimidated to enter my card on the site, there are tons of extremely talented people that create such gorgeous cards. But here it goes.... I am ready. Here is what I came up with and yes... I noticed a BiG difference using quality cardstock. Thank you Gina K for teaching me how to use my pencils. Now they will not be collecting dust!
Thank you!!!!!

If you are interested in taking up this challenge, here is the link. StampTV

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The Mama Monkey said...

Love the shading! Very pretty cards and designs!! :)

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