Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too busy to keep up with my BLOG.... or my pages...

Well the last month has been one busy month. I was thinking once the kids head back to school that I would have more free time, but that has not been the case. I am on the go everyday, all day, non stop!!!!

I have been able to take time in the evening to clean up and organize my little area, but still not enough for me. I need to start back up and get to working on my pages. Not to mention the holiday gifts for my family....shhh.. need to keep that one a secret. :)

Other than being busy.... I was able to attend my first Air Force Ball with my husband. It was not what I expected but was nice to get out for a chance and actually talk to each other without being interrupted by kidos... lol
We had a sitter all night and went to a late late night dinner and back home to relax. All in all it was a nice night with my husband.

Well I hope that my next posting will not be sooooo darn boring...

I am going to work on some cards for a swap...

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